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Компания МОТОДОМ — лидер на моторынке Украины по продаже японских, итальянских, американских мотоциклов, скутеров, мопедов и других видов мототехники. Мы предлагаем самый большой выбор мототехники и мотоэкипировки от лучших брендовых производителей. Все товары есть в наличии в мотосалонах и на складе.

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Днепре Киеве Одессе Харькове Ремонтная зона
в Одессе и Киеве.
Тrade-in Кубок мотодома
Мотодом Днепр
Набережная, 1а
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ВС: 10:00—16:00
dnepr@motodom.ua Motodom Dnepr
Мотодом Киев
Владимира Брожка 6\8
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ВС: Выходной
kiev@motodom.ua Motodom Kiev
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ул. Разумовская, 19
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(063) 433-63-84

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Motodom Odessa
Мотодом Харьков
набережная., 22
ПН-ПТ: 10:00—18:00
СБ: 10:00—16:00
ВС: Выходной
kharkov.acc@motodom.ua Motodom Kharkov
Motodom cup
Last Enduro Man 2014

MOTODOM Company is actively involved in the development of motorsport in Ukraine and regularly conducts competition.

LAST ENDURO MAN — it's a race for survival: wins not only
the most powerful and fast, but also the hardiest racer.

Well, LAST ENDURO MAN 2014 Race is finished. Riders raced
in three classes «ATV Sport», «The Hobby» and «Profi».

По-русски In English

First started ATVs (only 5 riders), they have 6 laps long 42km. The winner was the reigning champion of Ukraine Yuriy Drozhenko. Yura rode beautifully, skillfully, sometimes it seemed that he was driving on the edge of the possible. We would like to say about the passage of the fords — Yura was not passing them, he was flying them, it seemed that the wheels of ATV do not touch the neither water nor land.

After quad bikes arrival, motorbikes started. In the last minute two riders pass out of class «Hobby» in class «Profi»: Cherenkov Vadim and Laishevkin Artem. The first started «Profi», after 10 seconds went first rank «hobby», another 10 seconds and the second rank threw ground from under the wheels. Spectators at the start cheering and applauding.

The first round goes «Profi» Denis Litvin (last year ranked in the LAST ENDURO MAN 2013 runner-up), less than 7 minutes. Behind him there are the rest of the riders, spectators are shrouded in clouds of dust and exhaust gases, the atmosphere is soaked with adrenaline — no one takes his eyes off the road, everyone is waiting for the appearance of another motorcycle. Since the start of the race at 13:03 passed 3 hours 56 minutes and the race for the profi stopped: Denis made ​​34 circle and «brought» to all 5 laps. The second was Denis' father — Yuriy, Laishevkin Artem was the third and I think that he is not a bit pity that went into this class.

16:59. 8 «hobby» left on the track. Seemingly all the interesting already ended…

The winner was the reigning champion
of Ukraine Yuriy Drozhenko.
Official video

17:43. On the track remained the four... THE IRON FOUR: Stelmashchuk Vladimir starting number 313, Dmitry Voloshin starting number 78, Spring Nikolai starting number 10, Bezrukov Dmitry starting number 2. The gap between guys just 2 circle.

18:30. No changes on the track. Racers turn to the pit stop to refuel and drink water. In the eyes of the racers can be read I will not give up. Each of them is resolute.

Another circle followed by another and another... It's getting dark already. 7:30. The Iron Four still rides on the track, it seems that the race never stop. Near the judges had already gathered the rest of race participants. It is very difficult to convey in words the atmosphere of what is happening: stress, anxiety, and adrenaline just charge all of us with energy.

Next PIT STOP and happened impossible thing — Dmitry Voloshin came down ... To continue the race was beyond his power. But his endurance is really enormous: to drive 47 laps — 329 miles not everyone could.

The clock struck 20:33. Checkered flag was shown...

The first place Stelmashchuk Vladimir (49 laps 343 km), the second place Nicholas Spring (47 laps 329 km), the third — Bezrukov Dmitry (46 laps 322 km).

The darkness on the track, the camp is lit by several lamps and car headlights aimed at the podium to be awarded. Rewarding started at 21:20.

All participants were awarded certificates and diplomas, T-shirts with the logo of the Race and money prize.

Voloshin Dima, one of The Iron Four, was awarded by the Race organizers (MOTODOM) and the general sponsor Sergey Starodub «Bourgeois» the incentive prize — action camera Interphone.

I would like to say a many thanks to all who took part in the race and its organization. The race was great! And I think broke the record for the longest arrivals — 7 hours and 33 minutes.

The first place Stelmashchuk Vladimir (49 laps 343 km), the second place Nicholas Spring (47 laps 329 km).
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